Getting the best
out of People


JCA is a leading people development and assessment business.
Our mission is to increase people's effectiveness,
Emotional intelligence and wellbeing at work.

We enable organisations to get the best out of people in a sustainable way
by applying a range of scalable consulting, training and product solutions.

Established in 1993 we are well known for our:

  • Track record of organisational development - changing behaviour and attitudes
  • Enduring impact and success with management teams
  • Leadership and personal development programmes
  • Psychometric training and new generation products
  • Coaching and counselling success

Renowned for our rigour, sensitivity and creativity, JCA's success stems from our company values and personality. Our progressive and client-centred approach creates energy, engagement and trust to maximise effectiveness and achievement.

We believe that putting people and relationships first leads to long-term personal and business success.